【N40 Standard Live Demo is Here! 】Check out the heavenly sound produced by our customer, Shawn.


【N40 Standard Live Demo is Here! 】
Check out the heavenly sound produced by our customer, Shawn, with his Op-1 together with Muro Box-N40 Standard!
Shawn said,
“I’m controlling the plucking of the music box’s tines with the OP-1 Field’s keyboard by MIDI over USB-C, while sometimes adding in soft sine tone synth sounds coming out of the OP-1 at the same time. Soft sine tones and music boxes have been the #Lullatone dream team since the early 2000s : )

To find out more about the N40, check out our Kickstarter campaign here:
Read more about Shawn’s user experience of Muro Box-N20 and its resonance box: https://murobox.com/en/our-users/shawn-resonance-box/
Shawn also made a clear tutorial video to show you how to connect your Muro Box with MIDI devices via Bluetooth in his user story.
Thanks to his early support in providing feedback for improving our Muro Box-N20, we can get more familiar with various types of MIDI devices and music editing software before we start to develop the N40 model.

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