Terms of Use – Tevofy Technology LTD.

The Muro Box Music Service Platform (referred to as “the Service”) is operated by Tevofy Technology Ltd. (referred to as “the company”) who sets the terms for use (referred to as “the Terms”) for the users of Muro Box, including its hardware and app. Before you agree to use the Muro Box service, you should read the terms, notices and announcements in the system to understand the basic requirements of the service. By accessing and/or using Muro Box service or our website, you agree that you have read, understood, and consented to all the content stated in the Terms and its modifications/amends.

  1. Definitions

(1) “The Service” means the company provides users with music creation, music editing, music online broadcasting, music uploading, music downloading and related music service platform of Muro Box music box through the Internet and APP software. (The actual service project is based on the company website announcement. The company reserves the right to change.)

(2) “Software” means the software, cloud technology or applications developed by the company for the service, including, but not limited to, all updated versions, any supplemental and/or external applications and/or software subsequently provided by us.

(3) “User(s)”means any person who agrees with the Terms and accesses and/or uses our service.

  1. User Account Management: 

(1) You should apply for a registered member account before using the service. When you apply for registration, you should ensure the authenticity and completeness of all information; if the relevant information is changed afterwards, it must be updated. If there is any inaccuracy or untrue information, the company may suspend or terminate your right to use the service without notice.

(2) You have the obligation to keep your member account, password and other relevant information in a secure place. It is also your responsibility for all activities and actions performed after logging in to the system with this member account. If you find that your member’s account has been illegally used by someone else or has any unusual use, you should notify the company immediately.

(3) You acknowledge and agree that the company manages the member account and, if necessary, asks you to provide relevant personal information, restrict account usage, suspend or delete account, etc.

  1. Users’ Duties & Obligations

(1) The company authorizes you to use the service, but you must comply with these Terms and the pertinent provisions. If there is any violation, the company may suspend or terminate your right to use the service without notice.

(2) When you use the service, you warrant that the content you provide (including but not limited to music, images, photos, texts or songs, etc.) is original or has obtained legal authorization and may not infringed the intellectual property. If there is a violation, you are solely responsible, and the company has the right to delete or remove the relevant content at any time without notice.

(3) For the content you provide, you may choose to make it public or undisclosed. If the content is not your original work, you should have the right to re-authorize it. If you delete the content that has been published or shared, and any third party has not deleted the content, the company and the third party can still use the content in the above manner.

(4) If the content you provide (whether it is public) has any infringement of the intellectual property rights of others or any violations of the law, the company reserves the right to delete and withdraw the content without notice.

(5) In order to maintain the user experience, you agree to abide by the rules of the Internet ethic and relevant rules and regulations when using the service. If you engage in the following actions, you agree that the company can delete and remove the content without notice. In case of serious circumstances, the company has the right to ask you to provide relevant personal information, limit account usage, suspend or delete accounts.

  1. Using Muro Box service and/or software to transmit or publish commercial advertisements, links and pictures for the use of any commercial or illegal purpose.
  2. Involving insults, slander, harassment, bullying, infringement of the reputation of others, indecency, pornography, violence, aggression, or other violations of the law or social regulations accepted by the general public.
  3. Automatically copying the software, the content uploaded by the users, making any modification or reverse encoding of the software, or obstructing the normal use of the other users of the service.
  4. Contrary to the current law or other behaviors that may lead to decrease the quality of user experiences.

(6) This service is for personal use only and may not be used in public or in other publicly available ways without the consent of the actual right holder.

(7) If you are a minor, you should make sure that your parents (or guardians) read, understand and agree to comply with the Terms in full before you start using Muro Box Service. Your legal representative or guardian may request the company to stop the collection, processing and use of specific accounts and their associated personal data at any time.

  1. Payment Method 

The service is currently provided for free, but the company reserves the possibility of paying for services. The actual charges are based on the announcement of the company.

  1. Intellectual Property Rights

(1) The software provided by the company, its related technology or any code (whether stored on a disk, readable storage media or any other media) is owned by the company. The company only authorizes you to use it, and you may not change or remove it.

(2) You should use the music, pictures or text provided by the company according to the regulations for individual users set by the company.

  1. Platform Neutrality

The company is a neutral platform and only provides service. Any use of the content provided by the service is solely your personal behavior and is not related to the company or the personnel of the company. If there is any violation or related responsibilities derived from this violation, you are solely responsible for the relevant laws and compensation.

  1. Copyright Infringement and the Reporting Process

(1) If any content provided by the user in this service may infringe on your copyright, you may file a report with the company, and the company shall handle the copyright policy as follows:

  1. You must report to the company through “Customer Service” and provide relevant report documents. After the company confirms that it is a correct report, the company will remove the infringing content and notify the accused person immediately. If the company determines that the prosecution data has a need for correction, you should complete the relevant information within 5 business days after receiving the notice from the company. Otherwise, the report is not established.
  2. After the report is established, if the person accused has provided a considerable proof of the document and raises an objection, the company will notify you of the reasons for the objection as soon as possible. You should file a lawsuit within 10 business days from the date of receiving the notice from the company. Otherwise, the content related to the infringement will be uploaded again.

(2) If the content provided by you is reported, and the company has determined this report is established and then remove the content you provided, you can file an objection by following the procedure below:

  1. You must file an objection to the company through “Customer Service”. If the company determines that there is a need for correction, you should fill in the relevant information as soon as possible. Otherwise, the objection will not be established.
  2. After the objection is established, the company will notify the prosecutor immediately. If the prosecutor fails to provide the proof of litigation within 10 business days after receiving the notice, the company will restore the content you provided.
  1. Other Terms

(1) The service may be interrupted due to network communication problems or third-party attacks, resulting in interruption of transmission, delay or affecting the correctness of data transmission. The company does not bear any responsibility for service interruption; other unlisted service interruption situations to the company.

(2) Except for the User Terms, the notice, specifications, announcements in the system or FAQs on this website are part of the complete contract with the users. The company reserves the right to modify at any time. The relevant terms or specifications have been revised and will be effective upon posting on the company’s website. The company will not notify the users individually. If you continue to use the Software and Services after the company has modified the Terms of Service, it means you are accepting the modification of the terms.

(3) The company may modify, suspend or terminate all or part of the service at any time without notice.

(4) Any legal dispute over the service shall be governed by the Shilin District Court, Taiwan, as the source of the first instance law.