The Product Development Journey of Muro Box-N40

Welcome to read our updates to understand how we designed Muro Box N40 based on our customers' suggestions.


Crowdfunding Campaign Plan in 2023, Survey #4 Results (Price Range and Exterior Design)

Focus on N40 Standard Model, Survey #5 (Sound Box Design and Music Range)

Summarize the findings from the Survey#5 about the sound box design. We design the N40’s body part and its resonance box separately to meet different customers’ needs.

How we decide the music range for Muro Box-N40; the survey for adding the sublime harmony sound effect and guitar-shaped resonance box.

Check out the music range, sound quality, wood box design, and battery compartment of  2 Muro Box-N40 models: N40 Sublime vs. N40 Standard.

Muro Box-N40 live streaming is now online, and the App has released N40 composition /performance features. Let’s try them out! We’ve also introduced the N20 Lite Battery Edition and invite you to provide feedback.

Welcome to listen to the sound of N40 Sublime and Standard. Learn more about the unique comb design and its speed limit as well as its production method to ensure durability.

We designed a new resonance box for Muro Box-N40 and added a sound post for enhancing its sound’s transmission. This new design also serves as the product’s packing box to protect the precious N40 music boxes. The audio pickup will be moved from the N40 Music Box to its resonance box.

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