2022 Muro music Box Korea Shipping Commemoration

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Headquarter’s Customer Support Telephone: +886-2-2974-4649
Office Business Hour: Monday-Friday 9:00 – 18:00 (GMT+8)
Company Name: Tevofy Technology Ltd. (酷鳩科技)
Address: No. 16 Renci Street, Sanchong District, New Taipei City, Taiwan (zip code: 241)

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Welcome to visit our office during our business hours! You can bring your ideas for making a customized laser-engraving design/ a customzied melody to play on the Muro Box. We will do our best to help you prepare the most meaningful gift for your loved ones!

How to Go to Our Office:

  1. Mass Rapid Transit (Recommended): Take the Orange Line to “Taipei Bridge” Station, and Exit at the Chong Xing Rd.
  2. Driving: The nearest public parking lot is located at: No. 62, Zhengyi S. Rd, Sanchong District, New Taipei City, Taiwan

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Our Offline Stores:

Only the stores that marked with a star * has stored stocks for purchase in store. Other stores served as the test playing center only.  We recommend you make a reservation by filling the form below before visiting the store to ensure that the clerk will be notified to provide best service for you to learn more about Muro Box.

Muro Box is displayed at Witsper’s stire on the third floor of Syntrend Creative Park in Taipei city, Taiwan.

Taipei City, Taiwan:
Witsper’s store* on the third floor of Syntrend Creative Park

No. 2, Section 3, Civic Avenue, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City (next to Guanghua Plaza, near MRT Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station Exit 2, with paid underground parking lot)

Open Hours:
11:00~21:30 (Thursday to Sunday)
11:00~22:00 (Friday, Saturday and the eve of national holidays)

Welcome to reserve your visiting time via this form, and we will notify the staff which day you plan to visit here to test playing the Muro Box in person.


Taichung City, Taiwan: 
Taiwan Modern Musical Boxes Museum*

No.405, Fengzheng Rd., Wufeng Dist., Taichung City

Open Hours:
Wednesday-Friday (10:00-17:00)
Free admission at Gift Shop for you for trial play and purchases

Please click this video to see the Muro Box-N20Lite is tested playing by a famous TV program star: 陳漢典. Welcome to listen to the music box live performance in this music box museum.

Welcome to reserve your visiting time via this form, and we will notify the staff which day you plan to visit here to test playing the Muro Box in person.

Hong Kong: Wake Concept Store

Shop 3‐8, G/F, 5‐6 Middle Rd., Far East Mansion, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Open Hours:
Mon.-Fri.(10:00-19:30), Sat.-Sun.(11:00-19:00)

Welcome to reserve your visiting time via this form, and we will notify the staff which day you plan to visit here to test playing the Muro Box in person.

Hong Kong: TUS The Ukulele Store 

2/F, 14-16 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Open Hours:
Mon. (5:30-9:30pm), Tue.-Fri. (12pm- 8pm), Sat.-Sun. (12pm-7pm)

This video shows how the TUS store owner operates the Muro Box-N20Standard and its app step by step. Welcome to reserve your visiting time via this form, and we will notify the staff which day you plan to visit here to test playing the Muro Box in person.

Taoyuan City, Taiwan: 
Doushiguan Restaurant

No. 243, Section 1, Yanping Road, Pingzhen District, Taoyuan City

Business hours:
11:00~21:30 (Thursday to Sunday), 11:00~22:00 (Friday, Saturday and the eve of national holidays)

We once opened a DIY assembling class to teach participants how to  assemble the patented cylinder of a Muro Box-N20 Lite, and how to use our app to arrange a melody on their own. Please click the video to see the class hightlights. Welcome to bring your family here to enjoy the delicious and beautiful dishes/dessert and music box live performance.

Welcome to reserve your visiting time vis
this form. 

Kaohsiung City, Taiwan: ATTI Coffee Workshop

First Floor, No.58, Xinglong St., Sanmin Dist., Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

Open Hours:
Every Day (2pm-10pm)

The store owner, Mr. Lin, is our customer, and he is willing to share his user experience and suggestions with everyone. He can demonstrate how to operate a Muro Box upon request. Welcome to read his user story about the Muro Box.

Welcome to reserve your visiting time vis this form, and we will notify the staff which day you plan to visit here to test playing the Muro Box in person.

深耕碳纖維領域而關注音樂盒,用Muro Box演奏經典歌曲喚起我年少的回憶

Yun-Lin County, Taiwan: WISN INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD.崴山興業有限公司(Carbon Fibers for Multiple Uses)

No.128, Yunlin Rd., Douliu City, Youlin County, Taiwan


Office Hours: Mon.-Fri. (By Appointment)

This office’s owner is our customer, Andrew Chen, and welcome to read his user story and listen to his favorite old song played by the Muro Box in this video.

Muro Box 在嘉義幸福山丘展示據點等你來欣賞照片回憶作品。

Chiayi City, Taiwan: 幸福山丘Happy Hill 
(It has a photo art gallery, a bakery, and a horse-riding farm for the whole family!)

No. 52-1, Lane 566, Dongyi Road, East District, Chiayi City, Taiwan

Open Hours:
Wed. to Sun. (10 am- 6pm)

Meet the Founders​

Dr. Feng and Dr. Tsai

The founders (Dr. Feng and Dr. Tsai) of programmable music box Muro Box and their son, with the product Muro Box N20 in Dr. Feng's hand.

Our story began as graduate students in the US from Taiwan. My husband, Dr. Feng, graduated from University of Rochester and I graduated from “The Ohio State University.” A tiny music box we bought in Austria was the seed that inspired our dream. From there, we decided to integrate our expertise in engineering and education to begin our product development journey. Our vision is “Using technology to connect people’s hearts.”

The founders​ of programmable music box (Muro Box) Dr. Feng(middle) and Dr. Tsai(right)
Dr. Feng Zhenxiang graduated from the University of Rochester in the spring of 2013. His advisor is Wendi Heinzelman (first on the left in the photo).

The CTO's Role in the Product Development Journey

I’m Dr. Feng, a firmware engineer who worked in San Jose, California  in in the United States before inventing the Muro Box. I designed Muro Box, the world’s first app-controlled music box from scratch, because I hope it can play everyone’s unique memories. During this product development journey, I not only faced endless frustration but also found unexpected resources in Taiwan. Do you want to know why Muro Box is an incredible technology invention that has solved the 200 years old problem in music box industry? Welcome to read our stories to learn more about our endless experiments in hardware design, app development and production for bring Muro Box to life.

The CEO's Role in the Product Development Journey

I’m Dr. Tsai, an English teacher and academic English writing consultant before running the startup company with my husband, Dr. Feng. In our stories, you can find how we decided to run a startup company together with our different expertise: education and engineer. As a CEO, I had to take care of everything unrelated to engineering and technology in order to help Dr. Feng concentrate on solving the technical problems. My work duties included human resources, customer services, marketing, sales and public relations. These were new challenges to me, but I had to learn everything efficiently to help our company grow. Welcome to read our stories to see how we overcame various obstacles step by step when welcoming our first baby and first product to the world in the same year: 2018. 

The founders​ of programmable music box (Muro Box) Dr. Feng and Dr. Tsai
Dr. Shiao-Chen Tsai graduated from the Ohio State University (OSU) in 2017.Dr. Tsai and Dr. Feng were standing in the main library of OSU.

Meet Our Team

The founder of programmable music box Muro Box - Dr. Feng

Chen-Hsiang Feng

Founder & CTO

PhD. in Electrical Engineering, University of Rochester.
Senior Firmware engineer in Intel Headquarter, SiBEAM, Mimosa Network.

He decided to start a company for self-realization. Since its establishment in 2016, the product “Muro Box” has been successfully mass-produced and shipped globally. From proof of concept, product design, fundraising, mass production, and brand promotion, through a complete product cycle with a music box, he has verified the survival rules of hardware innovation in a niche market.

The founder of programmable music box Muro Box - Dr. Tsai

Shiao-Chen Tsai

Co-Founder & CEO

PhD. in Foreign and Second Language Education, The Ohio State University.

Before starting her company, she used English to broaden the horizons of students. After starting her company, she used English to build an international brand. She has successfully managed the Muro Box brand and its customer-centered bussiness since the past crowdfunding campaigns. With her effort in communication and marketing, the Muro Box brand has won the support of customers from 50 countries.

The UI/UX Designer of programmable music box Muro Box APP - Shu-Hung

Shu-Hung Huang

UI/UX Designer

Having difficulty in creating a user-friendly product/service?
Shu-Hung gives you the model to learn from his 13+ years of experiences in UI/UX design. From the aesthetics and legibility design of mobile app and web page design, nothing is difficult for him.. 

Hung-Yin Liu

Music Arranger

She has served as a lecturer in the Yamaha Music Classroom before joining the Muro Box team. She has produced hundreds of tracks, including pop music, classical music, soundtrack, children’s songs and other types of music.

“Because I never forget the touch of music, and I hope that I can become a contributor of the touch of music by using my own hands to perform, create, and produce music to move more audience.”

Chin-Hung Chen

Software Engineer

He likes to learn new technology and practice applying them to solve problems. Learning new tools for important user experiences is his daily task.

His programming skills and enthusiasm  have created a high-quality mobile and cloud service experience for our global customers. He established the  exclusive cloud database to manage orders from multiple sale channels and track each customer’s service completion status, and the Muro Box music library in our app.

C.N. Tsai

Production Engineer

He carefully draws and marks the size of each component in the Muro Box products. Every experiment from the sample stage to the final mass production rely on his detailed records to help the team keep refining each product.

His keen ear and professional concentration on details help our team locate mechanical noises and improve them. He is a rare talent in our team.

Jing Gong

Quality Control Engineer

In the past, she worked in a major international camera manufacturer and served in the quality control team for many years. She can systematically manage more than 500 kinds of parts in the music box, track each component’s storage and remind us to purchase new items in time. 

She also helps the team maintain customer services and translate traditional Chinese text into simplified Chinese version to promote Muro Box to the mainland China.

Join Our Team!

English/ Japanese Translator & Customer Service

  • This administrative postion needs to have very high language proficiency in English or Japanese in order to translate our online content correctly and present our brand professionally. The weekly tasks include editing and translating our Chinese blog posts into English/Japanese,  answer customers’ inquiries, andarrange our global shipping on time for customers. 

  • Welcome to submit youre resume to: info@tevofy.com

Company Introduction

Company Name: Tevofy Technology Ltd. 
Date of Establishment: 2016/03/29.
Founders: Dr. Chen-Hsiang Feng & Dr. Shiao-Chen Tsai


-Start Online Store Sales to regular customers and global dealers  


Indiegogo campaign Result: 1024 backers from 46 countries ($312, 115USD)


– Started the Durability Tests of Muro Box
– Muro Box was reported by TechCrunch as a retro-style cylinder music box you control with an app


– The first crowdfunding success on ZecZec (2 million NTDs)
– Started the Pilot Run Production Stage


– Muro Box Facebook Page Established: Muro Box Global
– The first prototype of Muro Box was born


– Started the idea of Muro Box from scratch
– Visited music box stores and factories in Taiwan for market research

the prototypes of programmable music box Muro Box